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This page is for resources that our officers and members share with the membership. 

HaSTA and The PocketLab Webinar:

Recording of the November 7, 2023 webinar

Strategies for distance learning, shared by Shari F.

Resources from Dr. Chinn at UHM COE 

  • Kupa’a Collective website for COVID-19 place-based curriculum. 
  • Great resource for teachers and parents and general community!  
  • Contains connections to Hawaiian history.

HaSTA Community Partner, OAHU Invasive Species Committee 

  • Resources for distance learning
  • Outreach and education page with lessons for K-12 students about our watersheds. Fun worksheets (crossword puzzles, word finds, and word scrambles) to go with each lesson. 
  • Would you like us to do one of these interactive presentations live? Email us.


  • Free bite-sized content and interactive questions to keep students engaged. 
  • Interactive content optimizes student engagement via videos, GIFs, questions and short texts. 
  • Adapts difficulty level based on the student’s answers. Please use this link.

InquiryHub Chemistry

Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council

Food Experiences for Agricultural Science Training (FEAST)

Hawai‘i Science Teaching Association 

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