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***  All sessions are in one folder.

Once in the Folder - Click on the title of the session for recordings.

Climate Change education with local flavor. Dr. Lisa Marten & Dr. Lorna Gomes

Every Kolea Counts. Susan Scott & Dr. Yvonne Chan

Waves at Waianae - Using the 3D5E Model to Teach All Learners.  Leena Bakshi, Jose Sotoramos,Donna Soriano

Slides provided.     HASTA Conference Waves at Waianae.pdf

Immerse Your Students: Virtual Hawaiʻi Coral Curriculum.  Justin Umholtz

Slides provided.    Justin Umholtz HaSTA Presentation _ BreakOut Session 2 _Immerse Your Students Virtual Hawaii Coral Curriculum.pptx

A Teaching Human Ecology with Models and Simulation.  Lindsey Bailey


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